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Harcourt Chiropractic offers a legacy of care

Our Chiropractic Center In York, PA has been providing chiropractic care for three generations. Our grandfather, J. Alfred Harcourt, D.C. was one of the most prominent pioneering chiropractors in the state of Indiana in the 1920′s, 30′s & 40′s. He graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1923 and his practice was located in Hagerstown, Indiana.

Our father, Robert J. Harcourt, D.C. also pursued a career as a Doctor of Chiropractic and practiced in Hanover PA, after graduating from National College of Chiropractic in 1952. He moved his practice to York in 1956 where he established and maintained a successful chiropractic center for over 30 years.

Three of his four sons chose to follow in his footsteps and earned their degrees as Doctors of Chiropractic. At this time Gary E. Harcourt, D.C. practices in West York serving York County residents with state-of-the-art natural health care.

Chiropractic is not medical care. It is a system of health care that heals without the use of drugs or surgery. Chiropractic health care helps retrain your body to take care of itself. If your bodily structure is not straight and true, you may feel pain, become ill or tire more easily.

People all over the world have found chiropractic centers extremely successful with pain management and relief. What is less known is that chiropractic care can also help your nervous and immune systems. Chiropractic health care focuses on your spine and body structure. Since this structure is the foundation of your body, it profoundly affects your whole health. A balanced, aligned body allows the natural healing systems you were born with to function normally, giving you back the health and vitality you have lost.

Health is the natural state of your body.

Put Three Generations Of Pain Relief Behind You!

“The practice of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

– Thomas Edison

Our Team at our Chiropractic Center in York, PA

Dr. Gary Harcourt of Harcourt Chiropractic Office

Gary Harcourt, D.C.

Dr. Gary graduated in 1984 from National University of Health Sciences.  He joined Harcourt Chiropractic Office with his father, Dr. Robert Harcourt and brother, Dr. Roger Harcourt.  In 1956, his father opened the West York practice which he is currently operating.   Dr. Harcourt is a third generation chiropractic physician.  His son, Dr. Adam Harcourt, is a chiropractic neurologist.  He recently moved to Pennsylvania and is assisting Dr. Gary Harcourt with the chiropractic patients.  Dr. Gary is driven to research state of the art natural health remedies.  He has post-graduate certifications in extremity adjusting and wellness.  Over the years, he added ChiroThin to the office.  Recently, he added Red and Near Infrared Light therapy to work hand-in-hand with the ChiroThin.  Also, he added Softwave, Tissue Regenerative technology, to work hand-in hand with his chiropractic services.  

Dr. Gary is elated to have a professional, caring, patient centered TEAM to assist him in the care of his patients.  Working with family being his wife, Wendy, son, Dr. Adam and daughter, Nicki, he has added confidence in the direction of the office. Even though Bella and Diana have been with the office for a little of a year, they are invaluable in the flow and coordination of the patients and clients for the multitude of services that we now provide.  He is extremely happy with his current situation. 

He and his wife, Wendy, live in West Manchester Township.  He has a son, Adam and two daughters, Laura and Amy.  He and Wendy have 8 grandchildren.  He enjoys spending time with family.  He has two (2) golden retrievers, Romeo and Rocky.  They have a boat and enjoy taking the family tubing and boating in Maryland on Middle River.  He loves to go crabbing and designed a rig to do so on their runabout boat.  

Wendy Harcourt is the Team Leader at Harcourt Chiropractic Office

Wendy Harcourt

Team Leader

Wendy Harcourt has been the TEAM Leader at Harcourt Chiropractic Office since 2008.  She does whatever is needed to ensure excellent client/patient service. Over the years, she has been blessed to witness personal growth in her TEAM.  She experiences heartfelt happiness to have a part in this process.  She expects professional standards and excellent client/patient care from her TEAM.  

With the addition of the Red and Near Infrared light therapy over the last several years, she was able to bring her daughter, Nicki, on board at their chiropractic office in York, PA. Nicki is the Red Light Therapy Specialist at Harcourt Chiropractic Office. In addition to weight loss, we have clients/patients utilizing the red light therapy for various health issues.  The TEAM is genuinely interested in the clients/patients and make them feel comfortable with the red light therapy process. They love to see the clients/patient’s body transformation and contouring results. It is very rewarding for them to be a part of assisting women and men in their weight loss success and witnessing them feel better about themselves. 

She is married to Dr. Gary Harcourt.  She is the mother of three beautiful daughters.  Nicki, Jackie and Monica.  Together, she and Dr. Gary have 6 children and nine (9) grandchildren. Romeo, Rocky & Teddy are their pups. She loves spending her off-duty time with family, exercising, reading, cooking and getting her hands dirty in the gardens as she appreciates the beauty of nature and being outdoors.  She also enjoys decorating and creating welcoming atmospheres at the office and in their home.  

“Success does not come from having one’s work recognized by others. It is the fruit of a seed that was lovingly planted.” Manuscripts Found in Accra, as transcribed by Paulo Coelho

Red Light Therapy Specialist Niki Coulson at Harcourt Chiropractic Office

Nicki Coulson

Red Light Therapy Specialist

Nicki Coulson is a Red-Light Therapy technician at Harcourt Chiropractic Office. Nicki greets the clients, provides a brief description of the process, records data from the body composition analysis, and measures the client before and after the initial red-light therapy session. For the exercise, the client is placed on the vibration plate or treadmill based on their health history.

Nicki’s position at Harcourt Chiropractic has afforded her a sense of security coupled with satisfaction and accomplishment in her performance. Nicki is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. She is genuinely interested in the clients and makes them feel comfortable with the red-light therapy process. She loves to see the client’s body transformation and contouring results. It is very rewarding for her to be a part of assisting women and men in their weight loss success and witnessing them feel better about themselves. Nicki especially loves working side by side with her mother, Wendy.

Nicki is a single mother of two beautiful girls. Her daughters’ names are Bella (age 16), and Faith (age 8). She also has a Miniature Poodle named Minnie, and two cats named Milo & Whiskey. She enjoys spending time with her girls, watching movies & Netflix, reading, hiking, touring gardens & conservatories, and trying out new restaurants. Nicki’s favorite place to visit is Florida and going to the beach. The beach is her happy place and also being in the presence of her children.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Dr. Adam Harcourt of Harcourt Chiropractic Office is a 4th generation chiropractor in York, Pennsylvania!

Adam Harcourt


Dr. Adam Harcourt is a 4th generation Doctor of Chiropractic and son of Dr. Gary Harcourt at our Chiropractic Center in York, PA. He is the owner of Imagine X Functional Neurology in Santa Barbara, CA, and newest member of Harcourt Chiropractic. He is a Fellow of the American College of Functional Neurology (FACFN), Fellow of the American Board of Vestibular Rehabilitation (FABVR), & Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB). Dr. Harcourt is also an Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology at Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies, where he travels both domestically and internationally instructing doctors from around the world.

Dr. Harcourt has developed his novel Migraine and Concussion treatment programs based on the latest research, his years of experience seeing patients, and his passion for finding the root causes and correcting them.

Dr. Harcourt has also created a 150-hour post-doctoral program, also titled ‘Mastering Migraine’, with which he instructs doctors from all different backgrounds from around the world, in addition to authoring a book of the same name. Dr. Harcourt is also dedicated to giving back and has served on the Board of Directors at Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center in Santa Barbara, CA for many years, and was Board President from 2017-2018.

Dr. Harcourt has presented multiple abstracts on Migraine, Concussion, Dysautonomia and Multiple Sclerosis at research symposiums over the past several years. He was a speaker at the International Symposium of Clinical Neuroscience (ISCN) on Migraine in 2018, and a presenter and chair at the Neurological Disorders Symposium (NDS) on his treatment of Migraine in 2019. He is also a sought-after speaker and has spoken at many different events across the U.S. on Migraine and Concussion treatment and diagnosis, podcasts, television interviews, and more.

Emily is one of the Chiropractic Assistants at Harcourt Chiropractic Office


Chiropractic Assistant

Emily joined the team as a chiropractic assistant in September 2022. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2015 with an associate’s degree in occupational therapy and again in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Before working with us, she worked in various settings including outpatient facilities, nursing homes, and schools where she enjoyed helping patients. Emily has always had an interest in the holistic wellness industry so she is glad to be working in chiropractic care. She strives to make every patient feel welcome as they walk through the front door and she loves seeing patients leave feeling better than when they walked in.

Emily lives in Adams County with her husband, baby girl Mazie, and their 2 dogs. Outside of work, you will most likely find her enjoying a cup of coffee, watching her favorite T.V. show, Friends, and playing with Mazie. She also enjoys hanging out with family, crafting, and going on beach vacations.

Lona is a Registered Nurse at Harcourt Chiropractic Office


Registered Nurse

Lonna is a retired Registered Nurse who came to the Chiropractic Office to assist in doing the Softwave treatments. Her experience as an RN with anatomical knowledge proves valuable with this treatment. She also completed the Chirothin program with successful weight loss and is now coaching clients. Lonna loves seeing clients have relief of pain and success with their weight loss. She is kind and compassionate and so happy to be part of the HC family.

She is a widow and mother of 3 wonderful children and 11 of the world’s best grandchildren. She has worn many hats; including coaching high school field hockey and working as a basket and flower designer. She loves to read, listen to live music, cook, bake, craft, and travel. Visiting Montana, a Viking River Cruise, and zip lining are on her bucket list. But her favorite activity is any time spent with family and friends.

Samantha is one of the Chiropractic Assistants at Harcourt Chiropractic Office


Chiropractic Assistant

Samantha is a Chiropractic assistant at the office. Her favorite aspect of the job is getting to meet and interact with all the amazing patients that come into the office. It is so rewarding to see people reach their personal goals, and gain their health back. She loves being able to be apart of the process! She also feels blessed to have formed bonds with all the amazing people that work around her.

Outside of work, Samantha enjoys trying new restaurants, going on adventures with her best friend, spending quality time with her boyfriend, and hanging out with family. She also enjoys anything that involves being creative such as, drawing, painting and baking.

Tiarra is a Chiropractic Assistant at Harcourt Chiropractic Office


Chiropractic Assistant

Tiarra joined our team in November 2023 as a chiropractic assistant. She values our patients and their kindness. She loves being able to be part of the process of getting patients feeling pain-free again. She finds it easy to relate to our patients and their pain as she was a previous patient with us. Also, since joining our team, she has started chiropractic care again. She is happy she has the opportunity to help the community. She is excited about being at your office with such amazing patients and staff and cannot wait to see where the future takes her at our office.

In her free time, Tiarra enjoys spending time with her family and boyfriend. She loves to travel and go to new places. Her favorite place to be is the beach and would spend all her time there if she could. She is trying to broaden her horizons by going on adventures and trying new things. She can also be a homebody and likes to stay in some days.

Harcourt Chiropractic logo mark


Chiropractic Assistant

Shelly first joined our team as a Chiropractic Assistant in November 2014. She remained a CA as she took on the accounts receivable position in 2016. Since then, she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at York College while continuing to work here at the office. She temporarily moved to Delaware to work in a research position in 2020, and now she is back with us as she completes her master’s degree at Towson University. She works hard behind the scenes to ensure all billing needs are met and is passionate about contributing to a positive environment where patients can (and do!) reach their biggest health goals.

Outside of the office, Shelly is an avid bookworm. She spends a great amount of her free time curled up reading mysteries, thrillers, & memoirs. There is most likely a cat in her lap while she’s doing this because her two boys, Oscar & Peanut, rarely leave her side. She also enjoys going to concerts and spending time in nature with her family and the love of her life, Jeremiah.